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You are not Safe: You need a Super hero!

The Internet Samurai

The internet is not the same as it was over a decade ago. Back then, MySpace was still in its prime and there was little emphasis put on intricate web designs. Majority of internet users used their PCs with the Internet Explorer being the monopoly browser.  Social media platforms were still in their infancy period and no photo-sharing platforms existed then. Internet speeds were at turtle speeds if you compare to what we have currently. Generally, efforts were being put to ensure that more internet users are brought in.

Currently, there are many things that have trended the internet space: cloud computing, Internet of Things and cryptocurrency. We have LTE that has quintupled internet speeds in the last decade. The world has now become connected more than ever with almost half the world’s population being labelled as internet users. Facebook has clocked the billion mark for active users and other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat has gained traction. As a result of these developments, internet users have grown from about 10% of the global population in 2002 to nearly 50% in 2018. That is around 4 billion users!

Internet SecurityThese, indeed, are significant developments, which have been argued to be ‘connecting’ the world; reducing it to a global village. However, what I see among all these is a gigantic time-bomb which will implode on our faces anytime soon. This time bomb is Internet Security. For all the people relying on the internet and the infrastructure put in place to support the network, internet security still remains an issue. Nowadays, the fact we have internet connectivity within our homes basically means we have invited hackers for a cup of coffee in our rooms.

Thousands of security breaches in corporate networks have been reported in this decade. Deployment of ransomware and extortion have characterized these security breaches. Websites which have sensitive information on user details are being hacked and this information placed in the public domain. For some websites, the existence of security vulnerabilities within their servers simply boil down to them using inferior code which involuntarily leaks sensitive information to the public domain. This information is easily picked up and indexed by the crawling grasp of search engines. There have also been cases that a simple security configuration has caused terabytes of voter information get exposed to threat actors.

In our homes, our IoT devices are being recruited to an army of bot networks to perform cyber-attacks on innocent networks. Crypto miners are invading your personal spaces to steal your PCs processing power and thereby reducing its performance to fill their coffers. Others get blackmailed by hackers who have gained their personal information due to the fault of webmasters who fail to patch security vulnerabilities on their websites.

The internet is a really cool innovation which has simplified processes, reduced costs, enable trade and in some cases even save lives! However, due to the fact that we will obviously grow to become heavily dependent on it in the future, this technology can easily put us in a lot of trouble when it gets compromised. This is why we need to insure and protect ourselves when dealing with it.

That is why The Internet Samurai is here to the rescue! I am just like any superhero you have heard with the only difference being that I have a website! I believe internet security is a basic right for every internet user. However, as much as it is a right which must be provided by all parties, for internet security to be achieved, internet users have to be informed. That’s is why I am here; to ensure your sensitive information remains hidden from the prying eyes of hackers and threat actors.

If you believe you need to protect yourself from the Internet, you have finally come to the right place.

The Internet Samurai

Your loving friend,

The Internet Samurai