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Onavo Protect Review: Is It A Plus For Your Internet Security?

Onavo Protect

There are many security threats today in terms of mobile devices, ranging from eavesdropping to phishing attacks. Sometimes, the build of operating systems does not serve the purpose of providing security as effectively as it should. Users require an external source of security to protect their devices from malicious attacks on their networks. As a result, in this article I would like to discuss Onavo Protect Review as a solution. Before going any further, I do acknowledge Onavo Protect is not at its best PR-wise at the moment. So before you crucify me, hear me out because I still think its a brilliant piece of application which can help a great deal.

When hackers have accessed a VPN, users are vulnerable to attacks if they have no further security measures in place. This means that they have to employ multiple measures and services to browse and operate securely. Having to rely on more than one security enforcement service can be tasking and costly for users. There is also the possibility of systems overriding the other’s security protocols, leading to the device being unprotected.

Onavo Protect was developed to help solve some of these problems. It combines the services of VPN and anti-phishing to provide mobile devices with a secure browsing environment. A subsidiary of Facebook, Onavo Protect is available on both iOS and Android platforms for free. This review will delve into its working mechanisms and how efficient it is in protecting users’ data from corruption, prying eyes or theft.

Before starting of Onavo Protect Review, it is worth stating that Facebook owns Onavo.

Main Functionality

Onavo Protect works majorly on the basis of alerts and notifications. It is built to alert users of potentially harmful activities within the networks they are working on. These include sites that are non HTTPS, especially those that require personal data. There are also alerts for documents which do not go through SSL during submission and in general, websites which are listed as suspicious. The application allows users to scroll through the alerts and choose the appropriate action. It also provides users with the effective blocking of blacklisted websites.

VPN is another main service which Onavo Protect provides its users with. Once turned on, the application encrypts all data on the network the mobile is using and ensures that only the relevant parties can access it. The VPN runs in the background, so users can utilize the mobile browser of their choice to access the internet securely.

Onavo Protect Review: Its Package

Onavo Protect offers users a freemium subscription for both their iOS and Android users. This means that their services are free of charge and require no confidential details to operate on your mobile device. It is readily available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Once installed, users need to only turn on the protection and they are ready to securely browse the internet.

Location of Servers

A VPN is not only used for secure protection, but it is also important for breaking Geo location boundaries for services that may be limited to certain countries. The server locations are therefore a significant factor to consider while selecting a VPN service provider. Unfortunately, the Onavo Protect Review performed indicated that their server locations are limited to the UK. As such, only UK geo-restrictions can be eliminated by Onavo. Regardless, there is a decent number of services in the UK which can be accessed by users of Onavo Protect globally thanks to its VPN service.

Encryption Protocols

The strength of any VPN service lies in the encryption protocols used to enforce privacy. Currently, Onavo offers IPSec protocol to its subscribers, being a freemium service. IPSec is known to be a little flawed. However, with a few additional security measures, it is a reliable protocol for private browsing. A recommended measure is to further enhance security by layering the Onavo VPN with L2TP protocol. This is guaranteed to strengthen the security of your connection without having to pay for premium VPN services.

Onavo Protect Performance

The Onavo Protect review conducted indicated that it portrays an outstanding performance compared to other free VPN services. Onavo allows streaming of videos and music as well as the transfer of large data at steady and fast speeds. It may not be optimal, but it is impressive for a free VPN software.

Privacy Policy

The biggest concern with free software, in general, is that it tends to encroach on the privacy of its users, collecting data that is confidential or that may be a risk to their security. Freemium services may sometimes exploit the failure of users to read their privacy policies to collect data from them. An extensive review of Onavo Protect revealed otherwise, however. The free VPN service provider keeps no records of browsing activities from users. It only records metadata such as time stamps and other minimal information for the purposes of improving its services. Users can still turn off the collection of this data through the settings provided on the application.

Customer Support

Strong VPN services are always backed by a responsive and competent customer support system which makes it easy for users to access any further help needed. Our Onavo Protect review revealed no comprehensive customer care service in place, perhaps due to the fact that it is free. The only customer service offered by the application is an FAQ with a number of guides on navigating and operating the application.

App Build

Onavo Protect features a light build, with a simple, stylish, and direct user interface which is easy to navigate. The main services are accessible from the main page, allowing users to access its services without much hustle. Once it is turned on, the application runs on the background allowing users to carry on browsing without any disturbance.

Verdict of Onavo Protect Review

Onavo Protect Review

Onavo Protect is an excellent application which provides more than one security enforcement measure for its users. Being a free service, however, it has a few flaws which may be a potential risk in terms of privacy and protection. It is suitable for individuals who do not have a great need for internet privacy and security. It is also suitable for users who would want to access services only available for UK residents. The VPN service offered by it also provides users with an easy way to evade bandwidth caps and internet speed throttles.

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